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Fighter Pilot Mission Training Centers -M&S, DMO, LVC

Hampton, VA · Government/Military

Job Description
Top Secret clearance, SCI-eligible
Assist in developing, refining, and producing life cycle management plans in support of integrating DMO systems with the 5th Generation Fighters Mission Training Centers (MTCs).

Maintain in-depth knowledge of M&S, DMO, and LVC concepts to provide technical and analytical assistance in the development, validation, and coordination of various 5th Generation Fighters DMO capability requirements documents in accordance with instructions such as MANAGEMENT OF AIR FORCE TRAINING SYSTEMS - AFI 36-2251, JOINT CAPABILITIES INTEGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM - CJCSI 3170.01, and Operation of the Defense Acquisition System- DODI 5000.02.

Assist integration of CAF DMO capability requirements into the 5th Generation Fighter’s MTC programs.

Assist with consolidating and submitting both existing and new requirements for annual Budget Estimate Submissions/Amended Budget Estimate Submissions (BES/ABES) and annual Program Objective Memorandum (POM) submissions to ACC/A5TN.

Provide 5th Generation Fighters training advice on operational, logistical, and technical issues, transition strategy, project, schedules, programs, plans and other time-sensitive documents.

Assist HQ ACC/A5T in collaboration and interface with Functional Area Managers to develop 5th Generation Fighters training device requirements, resolution of training issues and shortfalls, and provide recommendations and guidance for simulator enhancements to support RAP training.

Assist HQ ACC/A5T in collaboration and interface with the 5th Generation Fighter’s O&I SPO, training sites, operational hours and integration to resolve technical problems.

Assist HQ ACC/A5T in collaboration and interfaces with the 5th Generation Fighter’s SPO to ensure successful simulator upgrades and enhancements programs.

Assist in the development, validation, and coordination of varied requirements documents including but not limited to AF Forms 1067, Initial Capabilities Documents (ICD), Capability Development Documents (CDD), Capability Production Documents (CPD), and Capstone Requirements Documents (CRD).
Provide briefings, Bullet Background Papers (BBP), Technical Reports as requested by the government.


Desired Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA):

Fighter rated experience; 5th Gen experience preferred

Bachelor’s degree from accredited university

Three (3) years MAJCOM or higher level staff (combination of active duty, government service, or contractor)

Five (5) years M&S, DMO, and LVC experience

Five (5) years’ experience designing, planning, preparing, executing, and providing documented assessments of DMO and other combat readiness programs or plans

Five (5) years’ experience producing reports to indicate investigation methodology, evaluation processes, and recommendations for new LVC technologies and training concepts for inclusion into CAF’s DMO and other readiness programs

Five (5) years’ experience providing analytical and conceptual studies on readiness-related efforts and LVC technologies

Five (5) years’ experience analyzing technical and operational impacts, cost and training benefit of proposed changes in a resource-constrained environment, and propose changes to programs to MAJCOM level leadership to meet operational capabilities and addressing operational needs

Five (5) years’ experience participating and collaborating on DMO/LVC and M&S working groups and meetings to develop possible solutions for integration and interoperability problems

Five (5) years’ experience in Requirements, Operations, and SPO capabilities and responsibilities

Five (5) years’ experience with JCIDS staffing processes and requirements development

Experience in Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS) for POM development and programming of funds

Experience with Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) process

Experience preparing PEM documents and briefings

Experience preparing execution year financial plans and documents

Experience developing spreadsheets to support financial planning

Experience in preparing and presenting high level briefings, BBPs, and Technical Reports

Knowledge of CAF Training Requirements



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